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The Associated Cycling Clubs’ Clubhouse

October 7, 2011

On July 4, 1893 a collection of cycling clubs in Cincinnati entered an agreement that would allow them to share a clubhouse. They called themselves the Associated Cyclers’ Club House Company. The clubs that shared the house were the Porkopolis Wheelmen, Athletic Cycling Club, America Bicycle Club, Crescent Wheelmen, Monroe Bicycle Club, and a few unattached riders. The facility was located at 120 East Ninth Street downtown. Ironically this property is now a parking garage in a sea of other parking garages. However, when it was operating as a wheelmen’s clubhouse the first floor had two large furnished parlors, a meeting room, dining room, and a kitchen (they served a small spread every evening). The second floor had a large billiard room, card room, locker room for the wheelmen to change clothes, bath rooms, and toilet rooms. The third floor had three large furnished rooms for visiting wheelmen. The bicycles were stored in a brick out building in the rear yard. Dues were $2.25 each quarter. The house rules were: “Be a gentleman” and “No gambling permitted.” Apart from this its supposed that anything was possible.

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