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Beer and Bikes

June 11, 2012


Beer and Cycling in Cincinnati developed hand-in-hand from the inception of the Brighton Bicycle Club. Henry Muhlhauser and William Windisch of the Windisch-Muhlhauser Brewery families were founding members (along with Harry Ellard, who’s father was involved with the original Red Stockings franchise in Brighton). Many club runs in the 1870’s until the end of the club in the 1890’s were taken to the Muhlhauser farm in Hamilton where they enjoyed fried chicken dinners and needless to say, lots of Lion’s Brew lager.


photo: Michael Snyder

Many of the photographs that survive of the club show them enjoying a tall mug of beer.

Every year a group of cyclists from Chicago would visit the Queen City to train on the hills and race the Poorman. They were met at the station and feted by the Brighton Boys. In the image above the Brightons are shown giving a tour of the brewery to the Chicago crowd. It was reported that on the ride to Clifton to the home of Harry Ellard on Senator Place after this visit that the Chicago boys could hardly keep their bikes in line, and their star rider crashed his wheel on the Clifton Ave descent.


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