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Miamitown Scenes

October 23, 2012

Here are some sketches of scenes found along the route from Brighton to Miamitown in 1898 by an artist with the Cincinnati Enquirer.  Some are recognizable if you know where to look. These are sketches from a route that looped from Frenchman’s Corner (the intersection of Harrison and Spring Grove), up Queen City Avenue to Dent, downhill to what is now the intersection of Rybolt and Sheed at Harrison Avenue, and then along Taylor Creek to Miamitown.  The route then returned via Lower River Road. This was one of the most popular routes out of town for Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky cyclists. They could expect a delicious meal at Mrs Chamber’s Hotel in Miamitown before heading home. 

Cincinnati Bicycle Club President William Kempton wrote several poems about this trip in his book “Stardust.” The wheel news of the day which published weekly reports of the doings of the wheelmen and women often had reports from trips to and from Miamitown. One suggests that the wheelmen had a source for whiskey from a local farmer who had a “special cow” that ensured return trips.

1869 map of Miamitown

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