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Downtown Clubhouses

April 15, 2013


By the late 1890’s several of the clubs in town had permanent addresses. The Grand Opera House shown above was home to the Cincinnati Gymnasium Athletic Club (pending construction of their permanent location at the Cincinnati Athletic Club). The Grand Opera building was located at the corner of Vine and Longworth Streets.


YMCA Clubhouse

ymca clubhouseThe YMCA club was housed in their beautiful Richardsonian structure on the corner of Seventh and Walnut Streets. The club had an active cycling contingent well up into the 1900’s. They also had a summer club out on the banks of the Little Miami River just past Newtown.

Associated Cycling Clubs Clubhouse


The Associated Cycling Clubs Clubhouse was located at 119 East 9th Street. The space is now a parking lot – surprise. This building was built to provide a permanent location for several clubs, including The Porkopolis Wheelmen, The Athletic Cycle Club, America Bicycle Club, The Queen City Cycling Club, and unattached riders who paid 75 cents a month dues.

Here’s another view of the club with members lounging on the stoop seen above:


Cincinnati Bicycle Club


The Cincinnati Bicycle Club clubhouse, here shown in an Enquirer sketch from 1897 was located on 7th Street near the corner of Elm Street.  By looking at the front stoop I have to assume that the wheel room was off the side or from the alley.

And of course, our friends the Brighton Bicycle Club in front of their clubhouse 88 West 14th Street (just to the side of Music Hall):


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