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Chester Park Track

March 4, 2014
The new 1/3rd mile cement bicycle track at Chester Park, Cincinnati OH

The new 1/3rd mile cement bicycle track at Chester Park, Cincinnati OH

The Referee and Cycle Trade Journal had an update on the new bicycle track at Chester Park in their October 17, 1895 edition of their weekly:

Cement Now about Half Laid—Work Will Be
Finished In Two Weeks.
Oct. 13.— A visit to Chester park
to-day disclosed the fact that the laying ot the
cement on the three-lap bicycle track in about
half finished. With good weather it will be com-
pleted in three weeks. On the stretch the track
is twenty-five feet wide which is increased to
twenty-six feet on the turns. The banking ranges
from a minimum of two feet on the stretch to six
feet and one inch at the highest portion. The
engineer in charge is Logan Whitney, of Louis-
ville, who supervised the construction of the fam-
ous Fountain Ferry track, and with the experience
he has gained he now expects to eclipse his pre-
vious work. Arrangements are being made for
thoroughly lighting the course and electric light
races will be a prominent feature next season. A
magnificent steel grandstand and a $40,000 club-
house will be erected. As before stated in the
Revenue, this track is being built by the I
cinnati Street Railway Company, which owns
nearly all the car lines in B and the ob-
ject is to make Chester park sutliciently attractive
to divert pleasure travel from rival lines. There-
fore, while the Paris of America may he said to
have taken a back seat in the matter of track rac-
ing during the past season, with this magnificent
track, backed by a wealthy corporation, which
must draw the people, the tutors looks exceed-
ingly bright, and old Chester park will undoubt-
edly be the scene of many important meetings in
the future. In fact, — will become the
Mecca or the record breakers. It is said that pro-
fesional racing will be given a good trial here.
Chester park is now very accessible, being reached
by a thirty- minute ride from Fountain square, via
Avondale, with a five-cent fare.

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