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A Dangerous Animal

March 5, 2014

From Referee and Cycle Trade Journal on July 27, 1894:

The runaway horse is scarcely more terrible
than the runaway bicycle, says the Cincinnati
Times-Star. A pretty boy was carefully pedaling
down Sycamore hill this morning behind a cable
car when, in attempting to get around the car, he
lost his balance, and, quick as lightning, the ma-
chine threw him to the ground, then sprang to its
tires and began terrorizing the neighborhood. It
first dashed madly at the cable,car, but missed it,
and, getting in front, sprang down the steep grade
at the rate of four miles a minute, its pedals flut-
tering like fly-wings-simply a blur. When a
horse runs away it may be stopped with a bullet
or at least slowed up by people waving to it, but
you can’t wire a bicycle or subdue it with guns.
Ten seconds later‘ the machine was lying, a heap
of rubbish, against the canal bridge pier and a
runaway milk wagon, a crushed market basket,
titty drivers trying to quiet their terrified horses
and at least a hundred people choking for breath,
were strewn along its wake.


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