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Hot chase in Northside

February 26, 2014


COP2Police Officer Amos McCane, of the Tenth District, had a hot chase on Spring Grove Avenue, in Cumminsville, shortly after dark last night after two bicyclists, who were riding without lighted lamps, in violation of the city’s laws.

Officer McCane was patrolling the avenue on his bicycle and came upon the wheelmen near Spring Grove Cemetery. Noticing that their lamps where not lighted he called out to the riders to stop and light them. “Don’t have to” were the words that came back at the officer’s order. “You light those lights or I’ll run you in” yelled McCane as he took after the men. The cyclers had a good start on the officer and began to pedal for dear life. McCane, who is a good wheelman, began gaining on them. Three squares were traversed when McCane, who was almost upon the fleeing riders yelled again: “get off and light your lamps!”

Just then the officer’s wheel struck a rut in the street and his own light was jolted out. The wheelmen noticed this and shouted back “light your own lamp!”

McCane, realizing the logic of this, jumped from his wheel, lighted a match, soon had the glare of his bicycle headlight shining on the street. Mounting, he again took up the pursuit, and when near Hamilton Avenue overhauled the two cyclists once more.  He ordered the nearest man to stop, but he refused, and reaching out he caught the fellow’s wheel can compelled him to stop and dismount.

“Why didn’t you stop and light up when I ordered you to?” said the officer.

“I don’t have to and you can’t arrest me either. See that” was the rejoinder, and afterward said his name was J. D. Nichols, thrust out his hand and displayed a ring with a fraternal order emblem on it.

“Well maybe that goes with some people, but it don’t go with me. You’re under arrest” answered McCane, as he started toward a patrol box with his prisoner.

At this moment the other fugitive rider, who proved to be William F. Ray, Superintendent of the Clifton Springs Distillery came up.

“If you arrest that man you have got to take me too,” said Ray.

“You bet I will,” said McCane, “I want you both.”


Then the policeman unlocked the box and called for the patrol wagon. Just before the Tens arrived Ray asked that they be allowed to telephone the Chief of Police Deitsch. McCane was willing, and conducted them to Wetterstrom’s Pharmacy, where Chief Deitsch was called up, and Ray, telling who he was, asked that they be released. Deitsch talked to the officer, and finally ordered him to release his prisoners with a reprimand and to see that they lighted their lamps. Both men very meekly touched matches to the little wicks in their headlights and departed on their wheels. The most exciting chase of the season on Spring Grove Avenue was ended.

transcribed from The Cincinnati Enquirer, September 17, 1900.p.12

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  1. October 18, 2015 12:57 pm

    If only chasing cyclists without lights were the most exciting things happening in Northside today!

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